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NukeCops: a hotspot in the global Nuke-architecture of innovation
Nuke Copsnukeevangelist writes "NukeCops: a true hotspot in the global Nuke-architecture with leading [Grid-] capabilities

now more than 150 000 developers, users and friends participate in creating, testing and shaping code, knowledge and assets of the most diverse kinds. is a great place for knowlege sharing and in someway a hotspot in the
global architecture and network of nuke-friendes; some of the leading capabilities:

- pervasive intercontected [ubiquity]
- shock resistence [ability to regenerate]
- redundance [each ressource has its copy] and lots of others more....

leading capablities - others were trying to compete - often without success we show that later. PHPNuke can rely on a very pervasive environment. Our worldwide network-architecture has a very high capability to regenerate itselve, because we allways can count on a broad variety of participating agents and exploit a large pool of circulating resources. All the developer and hacker are interacting in a loosely integrated ways. So the whole PHPNuke-project exploits the power of diversity to the purpose of the creation new innovations and new knowledge. "New knowledge hardly emerges in frozen environments but more easily springs out of diversity and surprise wich only can occur in loosely integrated systems where is room for controversies and multiple views."*

Nukecops is just one room for controversis and multiple views. NukeCops supports one of the world's largest CMS development networks by providing a great place to share ideas, code and more. a great place for idea sharing and generalized social exchange: Now more than 35000 users share the ideas, multiply the knowledge n´ move the community forward. Thanks to every user - thanks to every user of the 36000!

BTW: To share ideas that’s the philosophy that guides the PHPNuke-group since the beginning;
Its what drew the developers and users the hackers and all together. At the global nuke-group we believe sharing is the way to create better ideas - ideas that can move the community, the code, and the world forward.

*Lanzara, Morner [2003]"
Posted on Sunday, October 16 @ 02:31:01 CEST by VinDSL
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The Official Nuke Cops Business Model

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Re: NukeCops: a hotspot in the global Nuke-architecture of innovation (Score: 1)
by Evaders99 on Sunday, October 16 @ 18:31:49 CEST
(User Info | Send a Message)
Huh? I couldn't even understand the first sentence :)

Re: NukeCops: a hotspot in the global Nuke-architecture of innovation (Score: 1)
by NukeEvangelist on Monday, October 17 @ 02:45:24 CEST
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hi Evaders99,

many many thanks for the reply!

some words in general: first i want to express my thanks to the admins of PHPNuke has a bright future and is a true hotspot of this great success. many special thanks to the NukeCopsteam for the submission of my articles!

"Huh? I couldn't even understand the first sentence :)"

Evaders99 sorry for the bad language - english is not _my_ language and sometimes it is hard to express what i want to say, and even worse - i was in a great hurry when i wrote the last article. The spelling and all other things weren ´t checked well.
but one thing is very very important to me. To do the mission for PHPNuke is very importatn for me.

here we go: the Nuke-movement has seen a fantastic growth in recent years. In many ways, it has been a great success story. For me [ as nukeeveangelist] it is interesting and important to look at the conditions that would enable the Nuke movement to remain viable and thrive also in the future.
Some of my articles are aimed to discuss the driving forces and to look at the and behind the evident things. i want to discuss the conditions of success of PHPNuke and its constraints. that means that we have to look at all the factors, discussing both the factors likely to promote the continuous growth of the PHPNuke-movement and those that might be pitfalls.

well some of my articles here are aimed to discuss the conditions of success: and as i mentioned somedays ago: PHPNuke-modules: the open devel-model of nuke - a bazaar and not a cathedral [] [this article is written with more time and more controll and checkings]

"it is a great pleasure to see the powerful and active PHPNuke-community - one of the strongest attributes of PHPNuke is the big number - the critical mass of developers, hackers, coders users and friends.

regarding the overall structure - and with specail augment on the module-development process we have a certain characteristic - the bazaar model - the formal structure of bazaar that seems to be like chaos and complexity; well the Bazaar model of the Nuke-project, with its decentralized development is driven by hundreds and thousands of volunteer hackers, coders, designers.
In contrast to the serene isolation of the cathedral from the outside, the bazaar is the clamor itself. Anyone is welcome - the more people, the louder the clamor, the better it is. It is a community by the people and for the people, a community for all to share and nurture. We work hard to keep the bazaar alive and to make it more user friendly.
it might seem that the chaotic, complex activities of the bazaar can ever outdo the top-down coordination of the cathedral, it is exactly what happened in the case of Linux and PHPNuke. we can attribute the success of the Linux- and phpnuke-project to several important characteristics of the bazaar, summarized in the following imperatives.... read on in the article that is mentioned above....

Evaders99 - and all - let us discuss the success conditions here - PHPNuke has a bright future and is a true hotspot of this great success.


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