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Site Admin
Site Admin

Joined: Aug 17, 2003
Posts: 12482

PostPosted: Wed Nov 23, 2005 10:37 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

(Sorry guys for the formatting bugs, I had to restore this from the internet archive.. - Evaders99)


Welcome - Introduction
The help forums can be heavy traffic at times, so the idea is to keep your related problems all in one thread in the correct forum without cross-posting anywhere else. Doing otherwise may have your thread drop off and unanswered. Please read this thread and search the forums for your problem/resolution prior to posting. Usually, a resolution has already been posted for the major/common issues.

Forums/Site Etiquette
Before we begin in addressing common or major problems for your PHP-Nuke Installation, lets keep in mind that a well mannered, well bahaved site acts like a magnet for experienced Nuke users who are happy to help folks new to Nuke. However, poorly behaved forums will not only drive them away, but also new members. Whether or not people keep coming back for quality posting is up to each of you. Basically, if you don't have something nice to say, then don't say anything.

Getting Help: What you need to know
To help us help you from the moment you post your new thread, its best to provide as much detail about the problems you are running into for your PHPNuke installation. To do that a minimum of what should be posted is:

Title your thread appropriately, and not with "I need help!"

PHPNuke Version Number

Exact errors with Debug enabled

Mostly new threads here are seeking help anyway, so we know you need assistance. Instead of calling your thread "help", or "i need help", or "urgent help", title it accordingly to your problem like: "chat not loading", or "i can't download the tarball".

In addition, if you could it would be nice to see a link to the problem site (and/or page). Perhaps including a copy of the problem line from the code would be sweet too. There are sections below where you'll find simple instructions on how to enable debugging for PHPNuke and/or phpBB including resolutions to other common issues.

Giving Help - Being a PHP-Nuke Teammate
One of the most important features of PHP-Nuke is it's global reaching influence on all walks of life. Many folks come here seeking help without thought to help others out afterwards. It is our common goal to progress in PHP-Nuke both in expertise and knowledge, so if you found a way to fix something, or a tip/trick that hasn't been posted before, please by all means post it so that others may benefit from your experience/knowledge. After all, we're a global PHP-Nuke family. Plus, it gives you the chance to give back to the Nuke community.

Cannot view forums Usergroups

When you hit "View Information" and the page does not display correctly

in groupcp_user_body.tpl





Enabling Error Reporting / ALA the "blank page" - NEW

Error reporting is normally turned off, to prevent display of error messages that may include your file paths and other sensitive server information. You'll want to turn it on if you get a blank screen, in order to get specific errors.

If you are using the Patched files
in config.php

$display_errors = false;

Change false to true to enable error reporting

Using non-Patched phpNuke
depending on your version, you may have this code in config.php
If not, add it


Change 0 to 1 to enable error reporting

Fix Group Script - NEW

Have problems on the Forums: assigning moderators, assigning user permissions, etc. You need to run the Fix Group script


Right Blocks Missing
(usually when installing the Patched files or phpNuke 7.9)

Your theme needs to be updated as follows

in theme.php

if ($index == 1) {
if (defined('INDEX_FILE')) {

Connectivity Code for MySQL There are a couple versions of testers out there. One from Humpa and another from See below for details...

Nuke Cops has released a brand new connection analyzer for PHP-Nuke 6.5, that should work also for PHP-Nuke 6.0 with phpBB2 forums port 2.0.6. Download it now and place it where you config.php file is located.

Next, thanks go out to Humpa for this snip. Upload it to your base PHP-Nuke installation and run it from your browser.

$dbcheck = mysql_connect("$dbhost", "$dbuname", "$dbpass");
if (!$dbcheck) {
   die("<br><b>Connection Test Script was unable to connect to MySQL server!<br>");
   echo "<b>Connection Test Script connected to your MySQL server successfully!<br>";
   if (mysql_select_db($dbname)) {
      echo "<br>Connection to your database \"$dbname\" was also successful.<br>";
      $result = mysql_list_tables($dbname);
          if (!$result) {
              print "DB Error, could not list tables\n";
              print 'MySQL Error: ' . mysql_error();
          $stufftoprint = ""; 
          while ($row = mysql_fetch_row($result)) {
              $stufftoprint .= "Table: $row[0]\n<br>";
          echo "<br>There are $i tables in your $dbname database<br>";
          echo "<br>Now check this list of tables with your nuke.sql file:<br><br>$stufftoprint</b>";
   }else {
      echo "<br><br>But, the connection to your database \"$dbname\" has FAILED!";

Debug for PHPNuke

Log into your server and cd to your sites root directory,

cd to your includes subdirectory,

Edit your sql_layer.php file found in your includes folder using vi, vim, nedit, or whatever editor you use,

Search for "$sql_debug = 0;" and change it to "1" and save the file,

Reload the webpage and see what the error is, then use it in making your "help wanted post".

Then of course to disable debugging, simply follow the above steps again and replace the "1" for $sql_debug to a "0".

Debug for phpBB Forums - Prior to Nuke 6.5 Releases
Log into your server and cd to your sites root directory,

cd to your modules/Forums/includes/ subdirectory,

Edit your constants.php file found in your includes folder using vi, vim, nedit, or whatever editor you use,

Search for the following block of text:
// Debug Level
//define('DEBUG', 1); // Debugging on
define('DEBUG', 1); // Debugging off 

Uncomment the first define and comment out the second one. Now you have debugging enabled for the forums. Save the file,

Reload the troubled web page and copy the exact problem and use it in your post.

Then to revert back follow the steps above and change the 1 to a 0.

Debug for phpBB Forums - 6.5 Release

Same as above, except the directory is includes/ instead of modules/Forums/includes/.

sql_layer.php Debug

Open sql_layer.php go to line 300 and change:

case "MySQL":
$row = mysql_fetch_row($res);
return $row;

To the following:
case "MySQL":
if ($row = mysql_fetch_row($res)) {
return $row;
} else {
print (mysql_error());

Upload the changed file, go back to your site and in the error message you should now see a better error report.

NukeSQL PHP Scripts - Instead of Nuke SQL Script

Nuke Cops:

Nuke Resource:

Checking Basic Installation

chatserv wrote:

If config.php is correctly setup and you look closely on the web pages you'll notice instances like Version_Num from nuke_config which means it's grabbing the value for prefix which in this case is nuke, i'd check the following:

1)Make sure the database tables exist by using phpMyAdmin or similar tool.

2)If the database tables are there then see if they start with nuke, your config.php expects them to, so if they exist but the tables start with another name like hey_access instead of nuke_access, open config.php and change $prefix and $user_prefix to the word showing before each table name, no need to add the underscore (_)

3)If the first two items check ok then open config.php and make sure $dbtype is MySQL, it is case sensitive.

Preferences Not Saving
chatserv wrote:

The footer lines are not supposed to be deleted, instead fix them.
Mantrid wrote:

Copy footer 1 and footer 3 to a text file for later use
Delete footer 1 and footer 3, then save
Replace all single quotes in footer 1 text with double quotes and put back in footer 1, then save
Replace all single quotes in footer 3 text with double quotes and put back in footer 3, then save

Users not staying logged in - Offline

Mage wrote:
tweak for Your_Account, found at Now the logins work perfectly

For those wanting the tweak for Your Account and phpBB forums port, go here.

Both tweaks will also enable your users to select their own passwords too among other features.

Cannot Add Header Information
Raven wrote:
The most simple solution to try, is to turn output_buffering on

If you control your php.ini file, do this:
output_buffering = On

Or, create/add this line to an .htaccess file and place it in your Nuke root directory:
PHP_FLAG output_buffering On

Lastly, try placing this line as the first line of code in your mainfile.php, after the comment block. This has to be made available for every script you use, so either you code it in every script or strategically place it in a script that is common to all scripts.

nuke.sql errors
The nuke.sql file contains dashes "--" instead of hashes "##". You need to fix them.

Topic Icons

chatserv wrote:
Topic icons must be uploaded to the images/topics folder, use lowercase for the names and avoid using underscores or symbols in the image names, mynew.gif will work but my_new.gif won't.

MySQL Versus All Other Databases

Zhen-Xjell wrote:
Compare various databases to MySQL and see why that should be used here:

Windows - Users Can't Login

Open modules/Your_Account/index.php:

replace: Header("Location: modules.php
with: Header("Refresh: 0;url=modules.php

Windows - Multiple Notice And Warning Messages:

chatserv wrote:
When installing on windows many people get issues with the undefined variables, failed logins and other problems, turning off error_reporting by placing a semi-colon in front of it (php.ini) will get rid of these "errors", these are not considered real errors and are mostly warnings, users with experience on windows installation of PHP-Nuke have recommended the following changes be made to the php.ini file:

find register_globals and set to On

find error_reporting and turn that off by putting a semicolon in front of it

find include_path and add the path to your website root ex: ".;c:\inetpub\wwwroot"

find display_errors and change it to Off

find SMTP= and change it to the address of your mailserver ( localhost )

find magic_quotes_gpc and set that to On
You should restart your server for the changes to take effect.

For more help on Windows installation visit warrenonline.

dandumit wrote:
error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE
Don't comment it especially if you are using the web server for Intranet clients - if it is commented you'll never find out about errors which may be OS dependent.

Multiple Survey Votes
chatserv wrote:
By default the Survey comes set to 30 minutes between votes, to change this open modules/Surveys/index.php and search for:

$past = time()-1800;

Warning: setlocale() [function.setlocale]: Passing locale category name as string is deprecated. Use the LC_* -constants instead.
chatserv wrote:

Remove the quotes from around "LC_TIME" in those files/lines mentioned in your errors. This means "LC_TIME" should be changed to LC_TIME.

Forums PHP File Prompting for Download or Save
Chances are you gzip_compression for the forums is enabled, or set to a value of "1". Disable it via the MySQL command line:

update nuke_bbconfig set config_value=0 where config_name='gzip_compress';

Adding HTML Links to Main Menu
Find the following line of code in the block-Modules.php file found in the subfolder called blocks:
$content .= "<strong><big>&middot;</big></strong>&nbsp;<a href=\"index.php\">"._HOME."</a><br>\n"; 

And add this line after it:

$content .= "<strong><big>&middot;</big></strong>&nbsp;<a href=\"LINK\">LINK NAME</a><br>\n"; 

Of course modify the "LINK" to the URL you wish, and the "LINK NAME" to the name of the hyperlink.

Webmail / Warning: Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated
In your php.ini file find:


And make sure it looks like this:

allow_call_time_pass_reference = On

Without any semi-colons in front of it.

Forgot Admin password / Reset Admin Password
chatserv wrote:
Using phpMyAdmin go to the nuke_authors table and make your pass dc647eb65e6711e155375218212b3964
that will make it Password, then just login and change it.

Changing Admin Cookie Timeout Thanks to syl, edit auth.php and change "2592000" in the line setcookie("admin","$admin",time()+2592000); to the number of seconds the timeout you'd like it to be.

Site broken due to Theme error
chatserv wrote:
copy the following code into a file and save it as fixtheme.php:





$host = $dbhost;
$database = $dbname;
$username = $dbuname;
$password = $dbpass;
$def_theme = "NukeNews";
mysql_connect($host, $username, $password);

####################### BEGIN THE INSTALL #######################################

mysql_query("update ".$prefix."_config set Default_Theme='$def_theme'");


If you don't have the NukeNews theme uploaded in your site then change the value for $def_theme = "Insert_Theme_Name_Here"; so that it reflects one of your working themes, save it, upload it, then point your browser to

What is chmod?
Zhen-Xjell wrote:
chmod = change mode, or change attributes of a file or directory

666 or 777, lets break that down to xyz

x (or the first digit on the left) stands for the owner of the file or dir.
y represents the group who owns the file or dir.
z represents the rest of the world

The numbers range from 0 thru 7, as defined below:

0 = no permissions enabled
1 = execute permission enabled
2 = write permission enabled
3 = 1 & 2 are both enabled
4 = read persmission enabled
5 = 1 & 4 are both enabled
6 = 2 & 4 are both enabled
7 = 1, 2, & 4 are both enabled

So a chmod 666 states that the file or dir you are changing the mode for has both read and write permissions enabled for the owner, the group, and the world.

A 777 means you have enabled read, write, and execute persmission for the owner, group, and the world.

Whereas something like this: 760 would mean you have enabled read, write, execute for owner; read, write for the group, and no persmissions for the rest of the world.

Hope this helps.

Activation link in new user email sends them to a 404 page
chatserv wrote:
This is caused most of the time by entering an incorrect url in Nuke's admin section in preferences under Site URL.

If your nuke site is located at
then Site URL must be

If your nuke site is located at
then Site URL must be

If your nuke site is located at
then Site URL must be

Even if you enter the correct url but add a traling slash at the end of the url it will make the activation link fail too mainly because nuke already adds the trailing slash, so if your site is at and you enter under Site URL the link will have two trailing slashes when emailed to all new members, naturally this will result in an error.

Feel free to copy any or all portions of this text for use on your PHP-Nuke site with the restriction that credits are given where credits are due.

That's it folks, and I hope this helps out everyone in the long run. This message shall most likely be updated from time to time to better prepare first timers. Thanks go to all the folks who help for free.

Helping those that help themselves
Read FIRST or DIE!

"Fighting is terrible, but not as terrible as losing the will to fight."
Star Wars Rebellion Network - Need Help? Evaders Squadron Coding
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