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Category: Main/PHP-Nuke/add-ons

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  Physics Help 
Description: Physics is the science of Nature in the broadest sense. Physicists study the behaviour and interactions of matter and radiation. Theories of physics are generally expressed as mathematical relations.
Version: 1.0 Filesize: 986.33 Kb
Added on: 13-Apr-2006 Downloads: 1307
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  PJIRC PHPNuke Module 
Description: This is a port from a french version to english originally done by Nuked-Klan. I don't take any credit nor do I want any. This is a great module and the only I can find that actually works, is free, and uses your username as the nick when you connect. You can see an english demo at: (Note must be registered to use) You can download from my site at: In the downloads section (Note must be registered to use) or From the nukecops download server via the filename link.
Version: v1.3 Filesize: 495.39 Kb
Added on: 15-May-2004 Downloads: 4047 Rating: 4 (3 Votes)
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  pnFlashGames for PHPNUKE v0.3++ 
Description: Languages Supported: - Bulgarian (thanks to MaSTeMinD) - Dutch (thanks to Marcel from - English - Estonian (thanks to Maku from - French (thanks to Micheal from - Greek (thanks to Stelaras) - Norwegian (thanks to Kimmi) - Slovak (thanks to Marcelo) Legend: + = New in this release - = Existing from older release * = Coming Soon Whats News/Fixed: Flash Games Module: - HiScore intergration using the pnFlashGames Component v1.0 - HiScore intergration using the pnFlashGames Component Older Versions - All pnFlashGame enabled games will now work with phpnuke Flash_Games module - Anonymous users scores do not get saved. - Add Comments for each game (100%) - Displays Comments for each game (100%) - Displays Active Gamers (100%) - Displays Detailed Staticstics (100%) - Added Xbox-Hq Flash Games Module Logo + pnFlashGames in the footer of Flash Module. (100%) (this must not be removed ever) - Play Commercial Games (valid license key and domain name needed) - Send to a Friend Option to compete for hiscores with all your friends - Displays Games Rating while browsing games - Added View ALL Games page with detailed information - Sort the VIEW ALL GAMES page anyway you like by clicking the A/D links. - Added popup script so users can choose to have game in a pop (no detailed info) - New Block added Displays top 10 scores over all games - Fixed the theme finally to work and look good on all websites... I have collected alot of themes of guys who have had problems and am no pretty damn confident it will be nearly perfect on all sites. Please contact me if this is still a issue. + New Block FlashGames-Arcade.php is a center block which has alot of info about whats going on in your flash games module. It shows active users, latest games etc etc. + Each category shows 15 games per page.. This is much nicer then viewing 30 games scrolled down the entire page when browsing the categories.. + Sort games when viewing via category ASCENDING or DESCENDING + My Favorites fully functioning + Popup window now available to play game in its own window + Hi-Scores fixed to sort correctly eg. If highest score wins or lowest score.. + Added bronze icon for 3rd place and all others who get high scores * Play Java Games * my buddies * affiliate tracking.. Allow other websites using the phpnuke XBOX-HQ FlashGames module to send visitors to us that will be tracked.. We will also send traffic back to their games module.. More like a topsite but for the phpnuke module only. (great for new sites needing traffic) * banners admin to display banners in the flashgames module. You will be able to sell advertising space and place banners throughout the module. Flash Games Admin Interface: - install main hiscore tables in phpnuke (+ samples) (100%) - Admin can delete any comment while browsing module (100%) - install active gamers (activeusers) tables in phpnuke (100%) - add/edit/delete any game - add/edit/delete any category - UPload new swf games, screenshots or cat images via admin module (http) *make sure your CHMOD the upload folders on your server.. FULL READ/WRITE. - Fixed Admin module so only users who are SUPERUSER or are allowed access to the Flash_Games module via the 'Edit Admin' Admin Module. It was allowing users who have admin access to the downloads section to obtain access. (my bad) - Laid out the admin section so its much easier to use - Admin can turn on/off comments, statistics page, rating games from admin module. - Fixed table problems as mentioned by many users. + nothing changed Known Bugs: None that i could find but remember im only a one man band. Im typing php code on one hand and with my foot im making flashgames and running the HQ website. (if you know what i mean) If you find some bugs please report them in the FlashGames Project Forum on HQ. Anyway, I hope to see some of you donating towards this evolving project.. Im doing a alot of hard work here and all PHPNUKE owners will benefit! dont forget im a one man band too. lol cheers, forahobby
Version: v0.3++ Filesize: 3.21 MB
Added on: 17-Apr-2005 Downloads: 4017 Rating: 9 (2 Votes)
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  pnFlashGames for PHPNuke v0.4plusplus++ 
Description: This version will work will all versions of phpnuke from v6.0 through to the current release v7.8... Users of PHPNUKE v6.0 - v7.4 will have to manually download the /admin/ files needed to install. Apart from that the module will function normally.. There were some major changes in the way the admin module worked in previous versions of phpnuke so thats why the additional admin files are needed for the older version.

Languages Supported:
- Bulgarian (thanks to MaSTeMinD)
- Dutch (thanks to Marcel from
- English
- Estonian (thanks to Maku from
- French (thanks to Micheal from
- Greek (thanks to Stelaras)
- Norwegian (thanks to Kimmi)
- Portuguese (thanks to NecroManPHP) - Slovak (thanks to Marcelo)

Version: v0.4++ Filesize: 640.00 Kb
Added on: 26-Jun-2005 Downloads: 1923
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  Poker Game 
Description: Poker guide to play Internet party poker: online poker, rules, hands, strategy, cheating, casino, tournaments, poker jargon, equipment, gambling, resources. Poker is a card game, the most popular of a class of games called vying games, in which players with fully or partially concealed cards make wagers into a central pot, which is awarded to the remaining player or players with the best combination of cards. Poker can also refer to video poker which is a single-player game seen in casinos much like a slot machine.
Version: 1.0 Filesize: 1.10 MB
Added on: 15-Mar-2006 Downloads: 1727
HomePage | Rate Resource | Details

  PopCap Games Module 
Description: Allow your users to play PopCap Games directly from your website.
Version: 1.0 Filesize: 48.83 Kb
Added on: 23-Apr-2005 Downloads: 2253
HomePage | Rate Resource | Details

  Port List 
Description: This module contains Well Known Ports, Registered Ports, ICMP Ports, and Dynamic Ports, both UDP and TCP, as well as descriptions for said ports.
Version: 1.0 Filesize: 132.87 Kb
Added on: 16-Aug-2004 Downloads: 2053
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  Proxy Browser Module v1.0 
Description: Proxy Browser is a proxy browsing program written in PHP that lets the user view web pages through a 'proxy server' (the server the script is running on.) Proxy Browser uses cURL to remotely fetch pages, and then displays them on the user's screen by making it an ideal tool to bypass internet content filters at work or school, or to just browse anonymously. It's very easy to install.

Version: 1.0 Filesize: 11.72 Kb
Added on: 03-Apr-2006 Downloads: 1671
HomePage | Rate Resource | Details

  Quiz 1.4.3  Popular
Description: A nice quiz program for Nuke.
Version: Filesize: 0 bytes
Added on: 08-Oct-2003 Downloads: 7148 Rating: 5 (6 Votes)
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  Recruitment Form v2.0 
Description: Here is the updated version 2.0 of our recruitment form for your phpnuke site. Just by editing some simple PHP files to change the email address and URL's, this cool feature also contains a Readme.txt on how to install it. The module has been tested on phpnuke 7.7
Version: 2.0 Filesize: 42.00 Kb
Added on: 11-Dec-2005 Downloads: 2287 Rating: 7 (1 Vote)
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