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Category: Main/PHP-Nuke/add-ons

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  NukeC beta3 update - Classified Module for PHP-Nuke 
Description: NukeC is an advertising system that allows website visitors or members to sell something by posting the information about the item that they want to sell. With the admin sections, you could easily manage all of contents and preferences in NukeC Modules eventhough you are not a PHP programmer.
I have added three most requested functions by NukeC users to this version.
For example, clients can now add their city, state, and country. This is useful if you want to know where most of your advertisers are located, or it's just easier to search by local areas.
Tested on PHP-Nuke 7.6, but should work with other version as well.
Click here to see it in action!

Version: 3.0 Filesize: 53.51 MB
Added on: 16-Jan-2006 Downloads: 1969 Rating: 7 (1 Vote)
HomePage | Rate Resource | Details

Description: Next beta release for PHPNuke 5.x and 6.x.
Version: Beta 0.5.1 Filesize: 6.48 Kb
Added on: 10-Feb-2003 Downloads: 3934 Rating: 1 (1 Vote)
HomePage | Rate Resource | Details | Comments (1)

  NukeFind Search Module 

NukeFind Search Module allows a text search of listed Nuke sites, what's cool, what's new, and what's popular. It allows your site visitors to write reviews about your site, and provides a link to build your status in "What's Cool."

Complete with graphics to copy, and all links open in new windows so your site visitors stay with you.

To get maximum power from this module, list your site with NukeFind before installing. Visit NukeFind Here

This module is customizable for your website.

Version: 2.0.4 Filesize: 2.89 Kb
Added on: 06-Feb-2004 Downloads: 1575
HomePage | Rate Resource | Details

  NukeFloat 3 beta 
Description: NukeFloat is a powerful tool that can easily make a block float on the edge of a page, refusing to be left behind when the user scrolls by keeping up with a smooth scrolling motion. All you have to do is tell it what you want the title to be and what you want the message to be, and it will create a floating block with the theme of your site! PLEASE RATE THIS IF YOU USE IT!
Version: 3.0.3-b Filesize: 4.00 Kb
Added on: 17-Sep-2004 Downloads: 3661 Rating: 7 (9 Votes)
HomePage | Rate Resource | Details | Comments (3)

  NukeJokes for PHPNuke7.5 + 
Description: Nukejokes allows you to have a full Jokes database on your site. You can add as many jokes as you like. Includes a comments system, topr rated, popular jokes and loads more.
Version: 2.1.1B Filesize: 54.90 Kb
Added on: 12-Jun-2005 Downloads: 2130
HomePage | Rate Resource | Details

  nukephpbb 2.1 integrated  Popular
Description: This version 2.1 of phpbb from Nuke Cops is integrated for PHP-Nuke 6.5 RC 2. Simply open up and copy the contents over your existing site's RC2 files. Make sure you read the included "readme.1st" file before you do anything. Also included in this tarball is the entire avatar selection found at Nuke Cops, over 2000 images.
Version: 2.1 Filesize: 2.12 MB
Added on: 24-Feb-2003 Downloads: 6456
HomePage | Rate Resource | Details

  nukephpbb 6.5 plus non-integrated 
Description: This distribution package is meant for PHP-Nuke 6.5 beta 6 and higher. If you need this package for lesser versions please grab the appropriate package from Nuke Cops. If you require the integrated version, again visit Nuke Cops.

This forums port release addresses the SQL injection bug, and it also ensures that user-agents like googlebot aren't assigned SIDs in the URL allowing for indexing. Also included are hundreds of avatars for use by your members.

No SQL changes are required in the database. Just drop these files over the ones you already have. BACKUP first though.

If you require the directory structure to match that of PHP-Nuke 6.5 forums integration, then simply modify the phpbb_root_path value appropriately and

move the appropriate files from the Forums/includes folder to the includes/ basedir subdirectory.

--Nuke Cops

For help visit Please post in the forums and not the Private Messages. We won't response back via PM.
Version: 2.1 Filesize: 2.23 MB
Added on: 17-Feb-2003 Downloads: 4064 Rating: 10 (2 Votes)
HomePage | Rate Resource | Details

  NukeTreasury  Popular
Description: NukeTreasury mod for PHP-Nuke. This mod integrates your Nuke site with your PayPal donations. Includes the Donatometer block showing live PayPal stats, the Donations module, an admin panel to manage the PayPal components and a simple financial register. This mod uses PayPal's Instant Payment Notification ( IPN ), service to integrate your user's donations into your site. Users get instant feedback when they donate by seeing their username and donation amount listed in your site.
Version: 1.0 Filesize: 23.44 Kb
Added on: 23-Jan-2004 Downloads: 10665 Rating: 6 (9 Votes)
HomePage | Rate Resource | Details | Comments (6)

Description: Do you need to execute a particular script at certain time intervals? Nuke_Cron is a simple way to setup timed script execution from your PHP-Nuke Admin Panel. Nuke_Cron will run scripts in the background as your website receives traffic. Nuke_Cron works even if your web host does not offer cron jobs. Nuke_Cron is very easy to install. Self-installing database tables.
Version: 1.0 Filesize: 0 bytes
Added on: 21-Jan-2006 Downloads: 1727
HomePage | Rate Resource | Details

  NWC Music 
Description: Nwc Music is the module/block/admin that plays .nwc music files in your PHPNuke site.
Version: 2.5.0 Filesize: 33.97 Kb
Added on: 21-Jun-2003 Downloads: 3641
HomePage | Rate Resource | Details

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[ NukeCops ]
Should phpNuke continue to support other databases besides MySQL?

Does anyone care?


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