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NukeCops: General News

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Dazzle Software - Script & Resource Website
General NewsAnonymous writes "We are Now opening up our doors back too PHP Nuke for those wishing too find PHP Nuke support. for custom module development, theme development and many free resources created by our team at dazzle software for more information visit us at"
Posted by perfect-games on Saturday, November 12 @ 04:47:18 CET (25145 reads)
(comments? | Score: 2.89)
Devils Modz is Back
General NewsWhite_Devil writes "Devil Modz for Nuke is comming back all. We are up at Login and start getting me back on my toes.

Please have fun and peace out all!

Posted by VinDSL on Sunday, July 17 @ 22:41:50 CEST (21385 reads)
(comments? | Score: 2.95)
Secondlife comes to PHP Nuke
General Newssecondlife writes "The Second Life Marketplace Script is the website to buy an amazing assortment of virtual items sold by fellow Residents. In preparation, get started with what you need to know to about our Secondlife Marketplace Script.

Our Secondlife Marketplace Script is an clone of sites similar to  or and many others, what this script does is deliver inventory the the residents of Secondlife.

What our scripts contains is a combination of Secondlife LSL scripts, which is used for the in-world Terminal to activate users accounts onto the website and deposit Lindens for use to buy Secondlife inventory on your website.
and your terminal is also used to check account balance.

Your Secondlife magicbox is used to store your secondlife Inventory, which is used to deliver your Merchandise to your Residents.

And your bank server is used by your avatar to store linden currency which is deposited and can be withdrawal from your residents account.

Our script also includes an complete modular portal system written in PHP and MYSQL database backend which stores your Inventory to be delivered to your Residents, And so your Residents can locate an in-world Terminal
and so your Residents can communicate via portals forum and submit news for your sites front page.

for more information please visit"
Posted by perfect-games on Tuesday, August 10 @ 23:51:36 CEST (24678 reads)
(comments? | Score: 1)
Brand New PHP-Nuke Support and Resources Site!
General NewsHitman writes "Brand new PHP-Nuke support site has opened up today! Looking for PHP-Nuke support and resources for your PHP-Nuke software? NUke Forums is the place to go for all your PHP-Nuke needs.

We offer FREE support, downloads, questions and more! With many larger PHP-Nuke sites being dead with no support, why not join Nuke Forums and get all the support and downloads you can get? - - Join today and get your PHP-Nuke on! It's FREE!"
Posted by VinDSL on Friday, October 23 @ 08:23:38 CEST (9017 reads)
(comments? | Score: 5)
Need help with a file? Try
General Newslink writes "Just wanted to post a notice to all NukeCop users about a free service we've started up. The site is called and its a file types and file extensions utility site.

If you have ever downloaded a file and have no clue how to open it or what to do with it, just hop over to and submit a request with the file info. We'll do the research and post the answer usually within hours. We think this is going to be a great resource to computer resources everywhere. Be sure to tell your friends. "
Posted by VinDSL on Tuesday, September 08 @ 07:08:29 CEST (6951 reads)
(comments? | Score: 5)
Professional Nuke Installation/Repair Services
General NewsXtreme21 writes "For 3 years Nuke Install has become the top Nuke Professional Installation Service Company on the net. With over 200 installations, conversions, and upgrades provided to date, we have developed services useful to both newcomers and the experienced users of the various Nuke systems. Customers can have piece of mind knowing that we have a 100% customer satisfaction rate. We work closely with each and every customer to ensure they get exactly what they would like in their web site. Many of our customers have become repeat customers or have hired us on a long term basis for ongoing work.

If you are new to the various Nuke systems or would like to have some custom work done, then I encourage you to stop over at Nuke Install and see if we can be assistance. We offer a large array of services including but not limited to the following:

* Nuke Installations
* Nuke Conversions
* Nuke Upgrades
* Module/Block/Theme Installs
* Forum Mod Installs
* Arcade and Arcade Pack Installs
* Nuke Security Checks and Installs
* Custom Work on Request

If our professional services sound like something that interest you, but you are still not convinced. Feel free to checkout what our customers have to say in our forums.

Nuke Install "
Posted by VinDSL on Saturday, July 11 @ 06:09:32 CEST (6385 reads)
(comments? | Score: 5)
nuke: a global network of friends - get on board now and join
General Newsnuke_helper writes " ++ 33 countries all ove r the globe

get new friends - discuss all your ideas with 200 000 coder, developer, supporter, user & friends.

see two sites from lots of supportersites.

++ 33 countries all ove r the globe "
Posted by VinDSL on Friday, January 30 @ 07:25:46 CET (6828 reads)
(comments? | Score: 5)
RavenNuke™ Logo Contest, Let Your Imagination Fly
General Newsslaytanic_wehrmacht writes "There is so much talent in this Community when it comes to graphics and I am calling out to you! I need to have a graphic created to represent RavenNuke™.

One idea I envision is something like a shield as the base graphic. Then within the shield a Raven with its wings enveloping the phpnuke image of the explosion. The Raven's enveloping wings will represent how RavenNuke™ contains and protects nuke users. Actually, now that I think of it, it would be something along the line of the FireFox Web Browser image except a Raven with wings instead of a fox if you get my drift Wink.

Now that's from a non graphic's minded person! I said this would be a contest. Please post your ideas at Please, nothing of questionable content. After we have all the submissions (don't let me down now, I'm being optimistic) and depending on how many submissions we have, we will select the favorite 2 or 3 and have a runoff selection. In any event the winner will receive 6 month's hosting for free, up to and including the Package 3/1 - Price: $13.95/month from Raven Web Hosting. That's about an $84 value. Alternate prizes are being offered - see the forum post! Spread the word to everyone you know who might be interested!

The contest is alive and underway! See Contest - Winner receives 6 months FREE hosting!"
Posted by VinDSL on Monday, January 26 @ 19:25:57 CET (6773 reads)
(comments? | Score: 5)
A Very very Happy New year to all Nukers, site-visitors and everyone!!
General Newsnuke_helper writes ".... A Very very Happy New year to everyone!!

The best holiday wishes. I wish you a Happy New Year as well and that you get a relaxing time together with your families and friends.

NukeCops got many many new members in 2008 - and even in 2009 new members arived.
...This site shows great contributions from thousands of Nukers from the whole world. The exchange of ideas, code leeds to friendship, peer reputation
and external feed-back combined with individual gain of knowledge. Alltogether the community and its sites, like constitutes a self-sustaining system of exchange.

The future is very bright - thanks to every Nuker for the contributions. Thanks for the new ones - we wellcome you!! And many many thanks to admins, moderators, helpers and users. You fill the community with live.

Keep up the great project!! You have got friends all over the planet!"
Posted by VinDSL on Thursday, January 01 @ 20:32:50 CET (6386 reads)
(comments? | Score: 5) New XAMPP for Windows and Linux
General Newsnuke_helper writes " New XAMPP for Windows and Linux

Days ago the new "final" XAMPP version was announced for public downloading.
In both versions the devs updated Apache (2.2.11),
MySQL (5.1.30), PHP (5.2.8) and phpMyAdmin (3.1.1).
The Linux version also contains the new MySQL storage engine PBXT (1.0.07-rc).

Wish you all a Happy New Year 2009! :) "

Admin Note: Happy New Year, Bro!
Posted by VinDSL on Thursday, January 01 @ 08:54:19 CET (6924 reads)
(comments? | Score: 5)
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