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PostPosted: Mon May 25, 2015 6:34 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Deliciouslingeries.comLead: modern life stress, heavy tasks, there is often difficult to relieving anxiety. A person feels anxiety is normal, the key is to recognize and to take measures to deal with their own anxiety. Here just like to share the feeling of anxiety in daily life, you can take what skills to resolve anxiety and relax the body. (Source: 39 Health Net)
What is anxiety? Taylor, MD, said: "anxiety will make people from the heart to the outside world looking dangerous, it makes you understand very dangerous things you have to overcome this mentality.." In general, when you affect your daily anxiety when life and work, you have to be careful. Those who want to stick to their manhood and to bear everything in silence will find themselves becoming increasingly anxious.
  Medicine and Ph.D. Yi Kaluo · Kawa Qi is an associate professor at Harvard University, Boston School of Public Health Department of Health and Social Behavior. He was responsible for a study to prove the relationship between phobic anxiety and heart disease. About 34,000 people filled out the answer sheet to detect their brazilian bikini bottom anxiety level. During the investigation two years, the researchers found that high anxiety of the possibility of dying from heart disease in middle-aged people is 2.5 times lower degree of anxiety middle-aged. More alarming is the possibility of high anxiety middle-aged man died of a heart attack six times higher than the low level of anxiety of the middle-aged.
Following a few simple tips to help you deal effectively with anxiety:
1. The right to breathe
Anxiety often leads to inadequate breathing or hyperventilation. When you feel anxious, can consciously slow, deep breaths. Practice, a hand touch the chest, one hand on the abdomen. Combined with two hands downs exhale, inhale ......
2. relax muscles
Many people think that relaxation is very simple, lying in bed, sitting still is relaxed. But Dr. Levine said: "Relax is not something you want to be able to do things, you need to go through practice to master this skill effectively recommend the following progressive muscle relaxation, that is, you can listen to soothing music. or "Huang Ting meditation", imagine his body is very light, and then relax every muscle from head to toe turns on the body.
3. Do not Jiejiuxiaochou
Many men like to use alcohol to numb themselves, thereby eliminating anxiety. And studies have shown that drinking to forget can cause devastating outcome. Maryland Rockwell\'s "American anxiety imbalances association" estimates that Americans suffer from anxiety disorders, and a third person to extricate himself by tie dye bikini binge drinking. Alcohol, narcotic effect until a go, anxiety can not be released while the body is more tired, but is "drinking to forget worry even more unhappy."
The time to sleep
Do not sleep at night for a long time or a long-term lack of sleep will only make you more anxious. Night should develop away from the coffee pot, teapot habit, because caffeine and other substances can irritate your nerves, can only make you more nervous.
5. participate in physical exercise
Research shows that physical activity can significantly reduce anxiety. Dr. Levine said: "Regular exercise is an important means to eliminate anxiety." It can make you release the pressure on the body. If you are a long time in the case of anxiety without proper venting sports activities, will only make your anxiety slowly increased.
6. Face their fears and anxiety
Some people in the face of fear and anxiety, the choice is to escape. Dr. Alexander pressure Bicester Lisi Ji Medical University of California, anxiety imbalances project leader, said:. "Every time you make your escape once an environment of fear, the next time you will face more fear and anxiety" Overcoming Anxiety The only way is if you are in anxiety and strong to face smallest bikini it and overcome it. 7. Appropriate sharing
Recently often I feel anxiety, irritability, can find time some friends out for dinner together, chat, or tell your family. If you have tried all of the above methods can not resolve the anxiety felt, it should seek a doctor\'s help. Always believe that any degree of anxiety is alleviated by treatment of anxiety is not terrible, the key is how you choose to look at and deal with it.
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 30, 2015 5:17 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

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