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A challenge to the Nuke Leadership.
PHP-Nukespottedhog writes "I think it is time to move Nuke to the next level. The tremendous work of the Nuke Patch Team and security addon creators have given Nuke a stable foundation. However, I believe the foundation is not yet complete. I firmly believe the foundation needs to be complete so Nuke can distance itself from the other CMS's and move to the next level.

To that end I propose a new forum board to be created at the various Nuke Leadership websites for the purpose of setting up minimal standards and requirements for the Nuke code in themes, modules, addons, and blocks. For example, compliance to W3C HTML Transitional standards at the very least.

If/when these standards and requirements are agreed upon, then I suggest only those themes, modules, addons, and blocks that meet the proposed standards be allowed to be listed as news articles in the future or for downloading to the general public.

Please Read More....... to see my explanation and arguements.

Discussion Starting Points:

Make all code HTML Transitional compliant. nuff said...

style.css File

I think standardizing the minimal requirements or listings is needed. Each theme's style.css should have at least certain listed classes. To that end I suggest removing $bgcolor from all themes and modules and making them classes called in the style.css file. For example:

--Suggested Addition to all style.css files (colors listed for demo purposes only)

.bgc1 {background:gray} /*replaces $bgcolor1*/

.bgc2 {background:navy} /*replaces $bgcolor2*/

.bgc3 {background:red} /*replaces $bgcolor3*/

.bgc4 {background:fuschia} /*replaces $bgcolor4*/

.txtclr1 {background:black} /*replaces $textcolor1*/

.txtclr2 {background:white} /*replaces $textcolor2*/

theme.php File
Put properties in the style.css file and use the theme.php file for structure only. I have recently been thru over 300 different themes and I think each and every one fully violates this. For example: All the themes list the BODY properties in the style.css file, then in the theme.php file they list---body margin= background= cellpadding= etc. thus replacing each and every property listed in the BODY class in the style.css file. Another frequent violation is with the class="title". .title properties are listed in the style.css file, then in the themeblock area, I will see: font class="title" and then change colors, or make it bold, etc.

Let the theme determine how the data is presented/decorated. Remove the $bgcolor and let the style.css class properties take over. A common error in nearly all the modules I have recently looked at is again, with the .title property. A module will have: font class=title then they will make it bold.... Let the style.css in each theme take care of decoration.

I realize change will not come quick and easy, but if nuke is to move to the next level, a firm foundation must be in place. The Patch Team and security addon creators have poured a lot of the quality foundation. I think it is time to finish the foundation so true improvements can begin.

Let the stone throwing begin..... :-))))"
Posted on Wednesday, April 05 @ 17:47:41 CEST by VinDSL
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Re: A challenge to the Nuke Leadership. (Score: 1)
by aleagi on Thursday, April 06 @ 05:24:06 CEST
(User Info | Send a Message)
I have developed a new Theme System that works 100% tableless, W3C compliant with XHTML 1.0 Strict.

The result can be found here:

I'm working now in the documentation of the work so, with that, developers and designers can work better for better results.

There's a version of PHP-Nuke 7.8 100% HTML 4.01 compliant in A wonderful work was made with that! 350 hours of work! @:D

About the Modules, it's sad, but I don't think every developer will give the importance of code their modules tableless and W3C compliant. I wish I was wrong...

Re: A challenge to the Nuke Leadership. great project (Score: 1)
by NukeEvangelist on Thursday, April 06 @ 16:02:32 CEST
(User Info | Send a Message)

hi there is a true great project. You guy raise valid ideas and thoughts. Many many thanks for doing this.

keep up your great project. it is helping PHPNuke


Re: A challenge to the Nuke Leadership. (Score: 1)
by Evaders99 on Friday, April 07 @ 09:07:01 CEST
(User Info | Send a Message)
There have been several good projects to make a W3C compliant Nuke. It's just hard to get everyone working on one foundation, everyone has their own projects and goals.

I'm placing my bests on the RavenNuke team though (I'm involved there). A great group of experts... good management and quality testing. W3C compliance is on the agenda, but first we're working on the security issues and patches. Hope a new version will be out soon

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