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Tired Of SubSeven Trojan SubHumans Attacking You?
Securityallevon writes "Are you getting as sick and tired of stopping what your doing to constantly defend yourself from little script kiddies running that obsolete piece of garbage SubSeven Trojan Horse program against your PC? This includes other garbage as well like NetBios, Deep Throat, and others.

Well I am. I am so freaking tired of it, my boiling point is BEYOND reached (56 attacks in one day), I have been banning their IPs by the DOZENS DAILY. I have considered putting out a group program to help Nukers in the global effort to banish these kiddies into their own little world with the rest of their buddies so that the rest of us can use our time efficiently without having to drop everything to defend anymore.

Over the past few months, anyone who has launched an attack against me or anyone who provided valid log entries of attacks, I have been compiling the list. Then banned them for good. Did you run one? Visit my site and find out, then if you did get banned, don't bother coming back, while I give you my Hallmark greeting of Wishing You Nothing but the Very Worst.

What is the communities interest in banishing these useless dorks who just want to hack and not use the net for constructive purposes?

And please don't tell me about these so-called "Security Testing" sites. Their just distribution points for this pile of obsolete junk code and programmer personal ads seeking other hackers for relationships.

The outcome of this program will slow this scourge to a near halt through a global effort of reporting with an available monthly/weekly upload for all Nuke sites. Possibly other PHP type based websites.

Let me know your thoughts, and I will begin working on it and kick out the program for everyone. Just keep in mind, a good Offense is the best Defense.

I have also listed spammers who got Nimda running against Unix servers with an NT program er duh, but lets nail them first."
Posted on Monday, August 11 @ 08:50:20 CEST by Zhen-Xjell
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Re: Tired Of SubSeven Trojan SubHumans Attacking You? (Score: 1)
by allevon on Monday, August 11 @ 13:37:11 CEST
(User Info | Send a Message)
Actually, it would destroy a MAJOR percentage of them and newbies wanting to try it. when they suddenly find out they have banned from thousands of websites, well gee, they will have to wonder why. and too bad so sad, once their in, they dont come out of my list.

I have torn apart the code of a few versions of these trojans and theirs not much they can do to hide their identity. I am protected by a number of firewalls, but its annnoying that everytime one of these dorks goes and launches it, I get the notification with ALL of their info and then I have to report it to their ISP's. 99% of the ones I report are shut down for good. So if I can do it single handedly, then having more people assiting me will curb this scourge of garbage dorks from annoying me.

I know who they are, what they launched at the very second they have launched it. Its clear what their intentions are, to screw your computer up. What does this lame wimpy program do? Oh gee, they can open your cd-rom drive up, turn your monitor on and off, etc. WHoopdeedoo! They are so cool. NOT! Their dorks, and If the ISP does nothing, then they get My HallMark of Death upon their servers. Im particularly sick of

Re: Tired Of SubSeven Trojan SubHumans Attacking You? (Score: 1)
by sting on Monday, August 11 @ 12:41:15 CEST
(User Info | Send a Message)
I love the idea personally. Sure it may knock out a few people whose machines have been corrupted, but if it were one of my machines that was hitting your site, then its my own fault for not being up to the second on security patches. It happens, but I would rather nuke cops block my ISP if I get nailed than to see it (nuke cops) go down.

Zhen, does your hallmark card of death list an email that one can send a request for reinstatement to?

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