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Sites that remove PHPNuke copyright notice on footer.
PHP-Nukedefendtherealm writes "Why should sites that remove the copyright notice be named? I don't see the point. It's just giving these rouge sites more publicity. We should just report these sites directly to FB in my honest opinion.

It digusts me that such sites are getting more publicity for not compliying with FB's wishes than my own sites which do comply.

Admin Note: I'm publishing this because it appears there may be a concensus on this issue. Why waste everyones time covering stories about such negativity? We may be "cops", but we're in this for constructive growth. That's my two cents. Of course in our next public announcement on our stance, all this will be addressed plus more."
Posted on Sunday, June 08 @ 02:04:49 CEST by Zhen-Xjell
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Re: Sites that remove PHPNuke copyright notice on footer. (Score: 1)
by allevon on Sunday, June 08 @ 03:17:00 CEST
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No offense defense but (aggh puke, Im barfing).

Here we go again. Someone just went ballistic like 5 posts ago, and what happens? You got to start it all over again. Why couldnt you have just added your comment to the existing one instead of starting this again?

In a couple of hours, all the fanatics will be on here, going wah wah wah, b.o.o. h.o.o. Gee, thanks! According to Morgue, I was bored, well, NOW I AM. zzzzz

You want my answer to the issue? Go read the other 2 posts/replies from the other day.

I'll also withhold my FB opinion/answer to your current question.

Re: Sites that remove PHPNuke copyright notice on footer. (Score: 1)
by snarfies3 on Sunday, June 08 @ 08:03:39 CEST
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There's already a website that specializes in removal of copyright notices -

I come to this site more for addon and security news, not for copyright violation news.

Re: Sites that remove PHPNuke copyright notice on footer. (Score: 1)
by Zhen-Xjell on Sunday, June 08 @ 08:36:11 CEST
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This is a chance to announce something and take things positively.

Why? FB is violating the phpbb copyright. (Score: 1)
by spamme on Sunday, June 08 @ 11:01:48 CEST
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Why should we comply when FB doesnt comply with the other copyright notices?

He removes the phpbb notice (wrongly) and leaves his at the bottom.

Why doesnt he put his in a copyright block like the phpbb one?

Re: Sites that remove PHPNuke copyright notice on footer. (Score: 1)
by D on Sunday, June 08 @ 17:52:49 CEST
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Will everyone quit whining? Someone addressed the problem here, so it needed to be responded to. It's Zhen-Xjell's baby here and if he wants to post a topic on who picks their nose, that's his business.
If FB is violating a "law", then that doesn't mean the rest of the world has to.
I myself have found no place that offers the support that Nuke Cops does. No one forces you to read the post that pertain to things that don't interest you. And if your site isn't getting as much traffic as you would like, maybe you need to change something.

Re: Sites that remove PHPNuke copyright notice on footer. (Score: 1)
by bluee on Monday, June 23 @ 17:42:28 CEST
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I'm new to phpnuke, installed it on my site a couple weeks ago. Last night I changed the theme to Odyssey and it has no copyright in the footer! I didn't remove anything, it simply isn't there... and I have no idea how to put it there. PHP and database's are new to me... before you freak out on people maybe you should message the site owner and ask why copyrights aren't there.

Phpnuke comes with nearly no instructions, people get ticked when you ask questions on the various forums I've visited. They always seem to push you off to another site...if they answer at all.

When I first read about phpnuke I was impressed by the supposed helpfulness of the community. However, I've only experienced people freaking out...and only the newbies seem to help the newbies on the other forums. This is not a slight to nukecops as I haven't posted here...and did find their tutorial very helpful. However, had I know I'd have to visit dozens of sites looking for answers/help, spend days doing it...I'd of never used phpnuke and I'm not alone. It's not search engine friendly either...and I downloaded a google fix but it has no instructions for newbies.

You guys really need to lighten up...phpnuke is hardly the perfect program for running a's buggy at best.

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