PHP-Nuke HOWTO now automatically translated in 8 languages!
Date: Monday, August 11 @ 00:19:25 CEST
Topic: PHP-Nuke

Hello all,

I added an automatic translation tool from AltaVista to the footer of every HTML page of the PHP-Nuke HOWTO. This enables the readers to get a translation of the page they are viewing in

  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Portugese
  • Korean
  • Spanish

A click on the right country flag is all it takes - you can then continue your navigation in the translated document as if you were in the original one! The HTML design is left untouched.

A second translation tool to the right of the footer accepts a text and returns its translation in the desired language. This is for those of you who just want to quickly check a term from time to time.

So don't wait - scroll down to the end of the pages and test the new automatic translation of the

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