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Add-Ons: the new home for Chat-systems for PHPNuke & osc2nuke
Add OnsNukeEvangelist writes "good news - now a new project launches: Project-Page

SPChat is based on WebChat, an open source chat system for JavaScript compatible Browsers. It was ported to Postnuke by and from there ported to PHPNuke and improved by With renaming WebChat for PHPNuke to SPChat, Oliver joined the development team and wrote a wrapper to make SPChat run with PHPNuke and Postnuke. Also the standalone chat window application was rewritten to work with the nuke user database without passing URL paramters (to make it more secure).


- Multiroom Chat System with the possibility to create new rooms (inclusive new userrooms)
- userrooms get deleted after they are empty
- advanced admin management to create different moderator types
- kick function
- private message functions
- userprofile

see the new Project-Page
with more infos - forums and Screenshots:

Posted by bronteland on Saturday, June 26 @ 05:46:00 CEST (3619 reads)
(Read More... | 2 comments | Score: 1)
Add-Ons: GoogleTap / Google Tap Apache and IIS
PHP-NukeGoogleTap FAQ Apache & IIS

Just what is this amazing unknown beast?

Googletap is an application add-on to PHP-Nuke written by Zhen-Xjell (Paul Laudanski) to accomplish two goals:

1) Shorten PHP-Nuke's long URLs,
2) Open up PHP-Nuke to Search Engines for Crawling.

Admin Note: 26 May 2004: More information was added to an Addendum.
Posted by Zhen-Xjell on Tuesday, May 25 @ 09:18:31 CEST (8909 reads)
(Read More... | 6313 bytes more | 20 comments | Score: 5)
Add-Ons: Project Management Module: Workboard
PHP-NukeAfter quite a bit of work, we have finally released WorkBoard 1.0.0. WorkBoard is a project/task manager used for primarily for software development (in this case, PHP... but it can be used for non-software projects). You can see WorkBoard in action here. WorkBoard is compatible with PHPNuke 7.0. You can download it free at
Posted by Zhen-Xjell on Thursday, December 18 @ 09:29:27 CET (6379 reads)
(Read More... | 8 comments | Score: 0)
Add-Ons: New version of Protector System
Add OnsMisterWORK writes "Hi there there was a very bad bug in my system :/ But it's fixed now in a new release v1.13.

So please if you encountered problems during the install(old version 1.12) please download the new version here at NC.

Just overwrite all files."
Posted by [RETIRED]mikem on Thursday, August 28 @ 16:01:28 CEST (4512 reads)
(Read More... | 26 comments | Score: 0)
Add-Ons: Nuke Cops New Development: MySQL-Tap
SoftwareCurrently in development and testing is a PHP-Nuke specific style phpMyAdmin. This module will be accessible via the PHP-Nuke admin panel, and open to Super User Admins. Projected time to release is two weeks. Beta testers are appreciated. If interested, reply to this news comments. Below are snapshots of the MySQL-Tap development...
Posted by Zhen-Xjell on Tuesday, August 26 @ 11:35:00 CEST (11875 reads)
(Read More... | 537 bytes more | 24 comments | Score: 3.28)
Add-Ons: MODIFIED NSN Center Blocks with News Marquee and single Banner.
ModulesArchangelArtifacts writes "I modified the Center Blocks From NukeScripts Network.
It has the News Marquee at the top. (news marquee from NSN Theme)
It has a single banner at the bottom.
Download from HERE
The original cblocks can be found in the downloads at
Posted by [RETIRED]chatserv on Wednesday, August 06 @ 19:45:51 CEST (4952 reads)
(Read More... | 717 bytes more | 2 comments | Score: 0)
Add-Ons: Advanced Downloads 1.0b - 6.7
PHP-Nukemem writes "Advanced Downloads is a module compatible with PHP-Nuke6.7 that introduces graphic and layout totally different from the original one and many other innovationes. New and Popular downloads are signed with the respective images New and Pop. In the main page: categories, sub categories and new downloads. (English language) View and Download"
Posted by [RETIRED]chatserv on Wednesday, July 30 @ 11:30:21 CEST (3860 reads)
(comments? | Score: 1)
Add-Ons: User-Tracking now available in CVS PHP-Nuke
ModulesNuke Cops integrates WebStyle's Premiere User-Tracking module into the enhanced PHP-Nuke Bundle.

We have integrated a user-tracking module previously made available by WebStyle. It is available through the CVS site, and in tomorrow's snapshot. You can check tomorrow's fresh (9AM EDT) history file for details. This module tracks every page hit monitoring the user IP address, the referral URL, the destination URL, their session, and their username if logged in. Thanks go to Watch out, the nuke_tracking table grows large exponentially it seems.
Posted by Zhen-Xjell on Tuesday, July 29 @ 16:56:52 CEST (5084 reads)
(Read More... | 3 comments | Score: 1)
Add-Ons: New Theme by: CloneSoftware
ThemesAnonymous writes "CloneSoftware has just released its first thtme inspired by phpib2. The name is IronTech The theme was our first theme however, we did not create a matching forumswith it. There wont be any, but we will be continuing in designing themes and SIGS. You can very well check it out at CloneSoftware. You can also view it Here. Its free without membership,but we do ask that you give us the credit. We would aslo likefor you to please at least sign up. Thats it!!. Your ip will be recorded if not and will loose yoursite. Thank you and visit us for game updates and more themes and more sigs. Also view the forums for more things to come -CloneSoftware Inc."
Posted by ArtificialIntel on Tuesday, May 27 @ 07:26:49 CEST (4905 reads)
(Read More... | 11 comments | Score: 0)
Add-Ons: 341 PHPNuke6.x themes !!!
ThemesAnonymous writes "On you can DOWNLOAD 341 themes for PHPNuke6.x. All themes forks fine, we've tested all of them with PHPNuke6.0 and 6.5 in local!!! Click HERE to download!!!"
Posted by ArtificialIntel on Friday, May 23 @ 13:57:16 CEST (5054 reads)
(Read More... | 12 comments | Score: 1)
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[ NukeCops ]
Should phpNuke continue to support other databases besides MySQL?

Does anyone care?


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