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Competition Coming Soon
Off-Topicdarren123 writes "Hi guys,
Just a quick update on the forthcoming competition(s) and after loads of requests for a sneaky peek - here's what's up for grabs at the present time:Ive also got a few custom t-shirt companies interested in giving us some t-shirts for the prize bundle. In addition to this over the next couple of weeks i'll be using my powers of persuasion and emailing a few companies to see if they'd like to add any other items to the prize bundle.

As of yet we have yet to decide on a competition format - so as soon as we've sorted the prizes we'll decide upon what you will have to do to get your hands on these great prizes.

Only thing left to do is get signed up to make sure you are in with a chance "
Posted by VinDSL on Tuesday, May 17 @ 12:14:25 CEST (4925 reads)
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new gaming review site
Off-Topicdarren123 writes "PC Freaks & Geeks open up new game review site"
Posted by VinDSL on Monday, May 18 @ 16:47:19 CEST (2226 reads)
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Bulletin Board Resources
Off-TopicHitman writes "Are you looking for support for your forums, cms, portal etc.? Want friendly fast support? We support many of the well known cms's as well PHP-Nuke.

Bulletin Board Resources is the place to sign up and be apart of the community. We have support forums, advice, help, discussions and much more.

We support everything web and server related to help you manage, run and have a successful community.

Check us out today and register your account :) It's FREE!."
Posted by VinDSL on Tuesday, April 14 @ 12:06:40 CEST (2419 reads)
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free hosting
Off-Topicmovieman writes "I have added some free hosting for some nuke noobs who need some space to put up there sites whether it be phpnuke or whatever they want just signup at my site and you will have instant activation, I only have a limit on users who NEED hosting. you will also need your own domain name I will supply the hosting you supply your own domain. signup at
and click the free hosting link in main menu. so please if you don't really need the space don't signup this is for noobs who need experience and a nuke site. Thanks"
Posted by VinDSL on Monday, February 04 @ 09:54:10 CET (3187 reads)
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Coaches Corner for PHP-Nuke Sports Fans!
Off-Topicforgotz writes "Coaches Corner is now open and ready to welcome PHP-Nuke sports fans! Take a break from website maintenance for a moment and join the discussion! Our forums are covering topics, making picks, fantasy football and all other aspects of US pro sports (International sports forums needs staff). Provocative is welcome. Your opinions with regards to your favorite teams are voiced and debate is heated. Looking also for volunteer moderators and staff to help seed and grow a sports community dedicated to Nukers!

Some of the current topics include (but not limited to):
Shanahan's Coaches Corner offers a marvelous private party environment that is sure to exceed all your group event needs. Shanahan's Coaches Corner is the perfect venue to host your next party. From birthday celebrations to corporate events, holiday or anniversary parties, our brilliant interior, excellent food and specialty drinks will take your party to the next level. Our food is delicious and prepared fresh daily!

Call 313-963-4000 and reserve your party today! OR send us an email here."
Posted by VinDSL on Wednesday, January 03 @ 10:54:50 CET (3931 reads)
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World Wide Designing Is Back!
Off-TopicHitm4n writes "World Wide Designing is now back and running. I am on my temp host until I get hosting to host my site. So the link will NOT be prem. This is my clan site and the real link is which will be up and runnin the next few weeks.

This is my design web site and I do support phpnuke. So if you need support or want quaility designs. This is the place to be. Please come and signup and be apart of the community. We are just starting fresh from a majior crash in the later months. So I decided to start fresh. All users will have to signup again.

Any questions, Please feel free to ask. Please signup and be apart of the Worlds largest community! World Wide Designing.

~ World Wide Designing Community "
Posted by VinDSL on Saturday, December 16 @ 08:56:10 CET (3687 reads)
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Metalic Heart Design with Source file released
Off-TopicSlashdot writes "Hello everyone.
We have just released "Metalic Heart".
:: Preview Design.
:: Download Source file.

This was supposed to be a very artistic theme - but due to some reasons I am discarding it.

I would hate to see this work to waste, so I have attached it to my download section for everyone. The COMPLETE source file in .psd format with fonts used are present there.

Anyone can download and use it if they wish to. We just request that appropriate credits are given to

If you require any help understanding any bit of the design or any other sort of help please do not hesitate to ask.

I would love to see this turned into a theme. The more the merrier!

Design on!"
Posted by VinDSL on Saturday, October 14 @ 01:30:18 CEST (4310 reads)
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Free Flash Games Arcade Over 2200+ Games
Off-TopicSasaVtec writes "Hello everyone

Well im here to tell you about my new Arcade we currently have over 2200+ Games and more to come including clips, and cartoons. We have over 102263 Game Plays with an average from 500 to 1000+ a day mostly on weekends. So please visit and play some games you can play as many times as you would like you dont have to register. Over 2200 Games For Everyone.

Posted by perfect-games on Thursday, July 27 @ 20:46:10 CEST (6401 reads)
(Read More... | 10 comments | Score: 2.83)
A new PHP-Nuke Scammer has been born!-Warning
Off-TopicSasaVtec writes "It has come to my attention of a PHP-NUKE scammer site after recieving 23 different e-mails that over 20 premium themes from have been stolen and are being resold. The site that I am talking about is that claims to have the largest collection of php-nuke, evolution, and platnium themes, but one thing is it doesnt say who designed these themes, and if they are free or not. Well it seems there are over 650 themes from different Nuke Community sites like,,,, and etc...

Well after having been told by two partners that they were ip banned when they e-mailed or pm the admin of the site X9 asking him to take the themes from I had then decided to take things into further gear by threatning the Admin X9 that I will take legal action if the themes are not removed within 24 hours, and two minutes after sending the pm I was banned. For the Full Story Please Click Read More..."
Posted by VinDSL on Tuesday, June 20 @ 07:06:53 CEST (4401 reads)
(Read More... | 1803 bytes more | 7 comments | Score: 5)
All recipes have been lost! - NOOOOOOoooo!!!!
Off-Topicintelgio writes "As I sit here starring blankly at my monitor, I have mixed emotions about how my web hosting service lost the database and all of its backups. I had what I thought was a full backup (created using their backup utility) of January 2006 on a local drive. This had been installed only to find that it cut off in the recipe sectionů All recipes were lost! "
Posted by VinDSL on Saturday, June 17 @ 10:42:53 CEST (4357 reads)
(Read More... | 1172 bytes more | 3 comments | Score: 3)
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[ NukeCops ]
Should phpNuke continue to support other databases besides MySQL?

Does anyone care?


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