releases nukeFEED(tm)
Date: Monday, September 17 @ 07:11:25 CEST
Topic: Modules released nukeFEED™, a flexible feed generator for PHP-Nuke, RavenNuke, Nuke Evo and other Nuke distributions. nukeFEED™ provides the ability to:
  • syndicate popular content types and easily add additional content types
  • use modern syndication formats like ATOM and RSS 2.0 with HTML
  • display a feed map in both HTML and OMPL formats
  • support dynamic auto-discovery of published (active) feeds
  • define syndication feeds with more detailed attributes, including multiple sort orders (e.g. recent, popular, highest rated) at multiple levels (module, category, forum, etc.) and for a specified number of items
  • allow visitors to subscribe to feeds through like Bloglines, Newsgator, netvibes and more
  • integrate with FeedBurner to cache feeds, track and report usage statistics, monetize feeds through advertising and more
  • preview feeds to help visitors determine to which feeds they want to subscribe
Links: To see a demo. To download (GPL, free membership required). For answers to FAQs.

nukeFEED™ provides the ability to define for each feed:
  • content type (e.g. downloads, FAQs, forums, news, web links and more)
  • number of items to include in the feed
  • the order in which items are displayed (e.g. recent, popular, highest-rated and more)
  • the level to select items (e.g. module, category, forum, and more)
nukeFEED™ supports several content types:
  • Content
  • Downloads / NSN Group downloads
  • Encyclopedia
  • FAQ
  • Forums (with support for bbcode and bad word filtering)
  • News
  • Reviews
  • Tutorials (Tutoriaux)
  • Web links
It excludes private or unposted / unapproved content. Additional content types can be added by creating simple content classes.

nukeFEED™ contains several innovations that can be used by future improvements, including:
  • combo-box functionality - the ability to enter a value or select if from a list (via the dhtmlXCombo class from SC&)
  • linked selections - selecting one value from a list resets the values available in other select lists (via an enhanced CLinkedSelect function from Setec Astronomy)
  • automatic installation of database tables
  • content class model for describing and accessing multiple content types, which will be reused in other enhancements
  • easy-to-use functions for providing advanced popup help / information
  • reusable XML and HTML cleaning, coding and decoding functions
Future enhancements to nukeFEED™ may include:
  • Improved feed caching
  • Secure feeds
  • NSN Groups integration (feeds available only to groups)
  • Multiple language support
  • Additional content types

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