Devil Modz - Dear Santa V1
Date: Monday, November 20 @ 21:51:47 CET
Topic: Modules

This is a Dear Santa Module for php-nuke based sites.

What is does is allows a child to enter top 10 items they want for Christmas and write a letter to Santa Clause. When they submit it after an hour an email will be sent to the child from "Santa Clause" The hour is settable in seconds in the dearconfig.php file.

A perent will get a copy if an parent email address is put into the form.

Admin has the options to
Delete all
Delete Just one record.
Send unsent email.

Admin view consists of Unsent and sent emails.

Auto Sendout after time is basicly a So Called Cron Job. Everytime something visits your site it checks how much time has passed and sends.

NOTICE ---- This copy and the copy on my site will differ slightly because I am going to do something special with mine. However they will still function the same.

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Works on Nuke 7.6+ and Pre 7.6 Also

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