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Date: Saturday, October 15 @ 03:15:00 CEST
Topic: Downloads

We great pleasure we notify that we just included 3 more scripts plus other minor tweaks as follow:

1- StreamNewsV5 a News module with 2 readmore options, either via configurable popup window or as default function called by the article.php page, plus many more tweaks especially reserved for admin facilities.

2- StreamBlocksV6 which is a user info block, where we included some graphics, a visitors/member day message, user IP address, next version V7 we will include a popup window notification when a PM is wanting in the users Mialbox.

3- DownlodsV1, a modification of the original module where we included the possiblity to allow the visitors to see files, but unable to download them.

See and downloads from here -, the family friendly portal.

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