Modules_Tweak & other hacks for phpNUKE Version 7.4
Date: Monday, August 30 @ 20:36:56 CEST
Topic: Add Ons

Modules_Tweak for phpNUKE Version 7.4 :: comes up with a bunch of modules and hacks for PHPNuke.

very new is the Modules_Tweak phpNUKE Version 7.4: This is the updated Modules Tweak for Nuke by ArtificialIntel. This is made for PHPNuke 7.4 only !!

travel over to for more infos and have a closer look at the download [overview]

- Show Forum Group Memberships_7.4
- PAL-Conditional_Blocks_Nuke_7.4
- Modules_Tweak_for_nuke7.4

please travel over and give some feedback via contactmailer to make the great modules even better.

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