Staff Change: ArtificialIntel
Date: Wednesday, June 04 @ 14:22:49 CEST
Topic: Nuke Cops

Nuke Cops would like to thank ArtificialIntel for his overwhelming contributions to Nuke Cops and the PHP-Nuke community in general. As of today, the prevailing intellectual commitment Nuke Cops has made to the global community will continue as it always has with a bigger and brighter future that will detailed this week.

During the interim, we wish AI luck in his future as his interests and motives have recently taken a route different from Nuke Cops.

We at Nuke Cops will continue to make magnificient strides in the areas of customer support, module development, security enhancements, and just to simply continue offering a relaxing place to hang out as friends.

Thank you for your time and understanding.

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